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Loretta Beaty

Loretta was a lab member from Spring 2016 - Spring 2017. Loretta worked on parent-child communication and advice research. 


Dilnora Azimova

Dilnora Azimova is a graduate of the Health and Risk Communication MA program at MSU. She received her B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of Maine in 2000. Over the course of her 18-year professional career Dilnora taught journalism courses at the International Journalism Department of Uzbek State World Languages University. Dilnora received a Fulbright scholarship to complete her Masters degree at Michigan State University. She is interested in a culture-specific intergenerational communication about health topics.

Family Fishing

Aubrey Beck

Aubrey was a lab member from 2015-2016. Aubrey worked on family estrangement research. 

Data Cloud

Daniel Mikkelsen

Daniel was a lab member from 2016-2017. He worked on marginalized family member research and contributed to data collection and analysis. 


Samantha Shebib

Samantha Shebib is an Instructor at Utah State University. She earned her PhD in the Department of Communication at Michigan State University. She has an MS from Illinois State University in Communication. She received a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Arizona State University. Samantha’s research interests are embedded in interpersonal/relational communication, family communication, physiological responses, and quantitative research methods. More specifically, she’s focused on understanding the impact of inter-parental conflict on children exposed. 

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